Revise GCSE Physics

P3e Energy on the move

  1. What is Kinetic Energy?
  2. What factors affect the amount of Kinetic Energy of an object?
  3. How is Kinetic Energy calculated?
  4. What happens to the Kinetic energy of an object if you A) change the mass and B) change the speed?
  5. How is the braking distance of a car related to the speed of a car?
  6. What is meant by the 'Fuel Efficiency of car'?
  7. What are the units for fuel efficiency?
  8. What are the main factors affect the fuel efficiency of a car?
  9. What are the two main fuels used in cars called?
  10. Where do automotive fuels come from?
  11. Are there any alternative to fossil based automotive fuels?
  12. What benefits do bio-fuelled and solar powered vehicles offer?
  13. Do electric cars cause any pollution?
  14. How can the shape of a car or lorry be altered to improve the fuel efficiency?
  15. What is mean by 'emissions' from cars?