Revise GCSE Physics

P3d Work and Power

  1. What is meant be Work?
  2. What is the effect of doing Work?
  3. What two factors affect the amount of Work done?
  4. How is Work done calculated?
  5. How much work is done holding a 10 kg mass above your head for 10 minutes?
  6. What is mean by Power?
  7. How is Power calculated?
  8. What is the unit of Power?
  9. What is the unit of Work?
  10. What is meant by Weight?
  11. How is Weight calculated?
  12. What is Gravitational Potential Energy?
  13. How is Gravitational Potential Energy calculated?
  14. What is the meaning and value of g?
  15. How is Power related to force and speed?
  16. Derive the Power equation Power = force x speed, from the basic power equation.