Revise GCSE Physics

P3a Speed

  1. What is speed?
  2. What are the units for speed?
  3. How is average speed calculated?
  4. How is the distance travelled by an object related to the average speed and time taken?
  5. What units must be used when calculating speed?
  6. When does v=s/t?
  7. How are meters and kilometres related?
  8. Explain how "average speed" Speed cameras work.
  9. Explain how Speed cameras that take two pictures work.
  10. How does increasing speed affect the time take to cover a certain distance?
  11. How does increasing speed affect the distance travelled in a given amount of time?
  12. What is meant by uniform motion, or uniform speed?
  13. How is the gradient of any graph calculated?
  14. What quantity is equal to the gradient of a distance-time graph?
  15. What shape does the line on a distance-time graph have if the speed is not uniform?