Revise GCSE Physics

P2h The Big Bang

  1. What is The Big Bang Theory?
  2. What are the details of the Big Bang Theory?
  3. What evidence is there in support of the Big Bang Theory?
  4. What is Hubble's Law?
  5. What are atomic emission and absorption spectra?
  6. What is meant by Stellar red-shift?
  7. What is meant by Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation?
  8. Have there always been stars?
  9. How old is the Sun?
  10. How long will the Sun last for?
  11. What is meant by the "Life cycle of a star"?
  12. Describe the first half of the life cycle of any star.
  13. Describe the life cycle of a small star, such as the Sun.
  14. Describe the life cycle of a bigger star, more than three times the mass of the Sun.
  15. Can you summarise the stages of stars lifecycles?
  16. What are the main physical properties of a black hole?
  17. What is a model of the solar system? Or of the Universe?
  18. Have models of the size and shape of the Universe or solar system changed over time?
  19. What was the Geocentric model of the Universe and who invented it?
  20. What was the Heliocentric model of the Solar system and who first described it?
  21. Why was Copernicus better able to conceive a correct model of the Solar system than Ptolomy was able to construct?
  22. What evidence caused Copernicus and Galileo to develop newer models of the solar system?
  23. How were the models of Copernicus and Ptolomy different from each other and from the modern day model?
  24. Why were the theories of the Copernicus and Galileo models considered controversial at the time?
  25. Why were these models not adopted until many years later?