Revise GCSE Physics

P2e Nuclear Radiations

    The atom.

  1. What does the periodic table of the elements show us?
  2. What is an atom and what is an element?
  3. What are the main components of every atom?
  4. What is the nucleus of an atom and from what is the nucleus composed?
  5. How are the elements arranged in the periodic table?
  6. What is the atomic number for an atom?
  7. What is the mass number for an atom?


  1. What are isotopes of atoms?
  2. What is meant by an atom being stable?
  3. What is meant by an atom being Radioactive?
  4. What is meant by radioactivity?
  5. What is meant by radioactive decay?

Nuclear radiations; Their nature, uses and dangers

  1. What are the three nuclear radiations called?
  2. What is the nature of the three nuclear radiations?
  3. List the penetrating power and ionising power of the three nuclear radiation in a table.
  4. What is the difference between irradiation and contamination, in the contect of radioactive materials?
  5. Which is most serious, irradiation by exposure to a radioactive material or contamination with a radioactive substance?
  6. How many electrons are there in the nucleus of a plutonium atom?
  7. What does this tell us about the Beta radiation?
  8. List two uses for each of the three nuclear radiations.
  9. Which properties of the three radiations decides what use they can be put to?
  10. Why are nuclear radiations harmful?
  11. What are the four possible outcomes for a cell absorbing a particle of nuclear radiation?
  12. Is nuclear energy a renewable energy source?
  13. What is ionisation?
  14. What kind of ions can be formed by nuclear radiation induced ionisation and how does this happen?
  15. Why is ionisation a problem?
  16. Can ionisation affect chemical reactions in any way?

Nuclear Power and Nuclear Waste

  1. Where does the Uranium for nuclear power stations come from?
  2. Where does plutonium come from?
  3. What can plutonium be used for?
  4. What precautions must be taken in order to handle radioactive materials safely?
  5. What is nuclear waste?
  6. What are the problems with nuclear waste?
  7. What are the three types of nuclear waste?
  8. How is nuclear waste disposed of?
  9. What are the advantages of nuclear power?
  10. What are the disadvantages of nuclear power?