Revise GCSE Physics

    P2c Global Warming

  1. What is the atmosphere?
  2. How thick is the atmosphere?
  3. What is the composition of the atmosphere?
  4. How does the atmosphere change?
  5. What does the Ozone layer have to do with Global Warming?
  6. What is the greenhouse effect?
  7. Is the Greenhouse Effect a good thing or a bad thing?
  8. How does the Greenhouse Effect work?
  9. Which gases are responsible for the greenhouse effect?
  10. What is the Enhanced Greenhouse effect?
  11. What is responsible for the enhanced greenhouse effect?
  12. Are there any natural causes of the enhanced greenhouse effect?
  13. What does the greenhouse effect have to do with Global Warming?
  14. What is Global Warming?
  15. Do scientists agree that Global Warming is actually happening?
  16. How to Scientists find out about the composition of the atmosphere in the past?
  17. Why is it difficult for scientists to be sure about Global Warming?
  18. How can scientists agree about the causes of the Greenhouse Effect but disagree about the Global warming?
  19. Does Carbon Dioxide gas in the atmosphere serve any useful purpose (other than feeding trees)?
  20. How does the Earth's atmosphere affect electromagnetic radiation?
  21. What are the natural and manmade sources of greenhouse gases?
  22. How does human activity and natural phenomena affect weather patterns and the amount of dust in the atmosphere?
  23. What is the difference between opinion and evidence?
  24. What is the peer review process?
  25. Why do scientist have their work peer reviewed?