Revise GCSE Physics

Question:What is responsible for the enhanced greenhouse effect?

Mankind's activities are responsible for the Enhanced Greenhouse effect.

1. By releasing large amounts of Greenhouse gases - mainly Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere.

Whilst also:

2. Destroying one of the most important mechanisms for removing extra Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere - by cutting down large numbers of trees and not replacing these forests with new ones.

300 million years ago large amounts of carbon were buried under the ground in dead plants and animals, thereby reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and cooling the atmosphere.

These buried plants and animals became the fossil fuels which mankind has decided to dig up and convert back to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is probably not a good idea.

The earth used to be covered by large areas of forests. The whole of Europe and North America were mainly forests just 500 years ago. But these forests have been cut down at ever increasing rates due to increasing population size and industrialisation. The remaining forested areas on Earth are in danger of being destroyed. Also not a good idea.