Revise GCSE Physics

P2a Collecting energy from the Sun

  1. What are electrons?
  2. What are particles?
  3. What is electric charge?
  4. What do we mean by a 'physical property'?
  5. What is the electric field?
  6. What are the electric charges of the neutron, the proton and the electron? Relative values wanted.
  7. What is electricity?
  8. What types of electricity are there?
  9. How many ways are there to generate electricity?
  10. What is an electric circuit?
  11. Is electricity a form of energy?
  12. What is a photocell?
  13. How does a photocell work?
  14. What kind of electricity is produced by photocells?
  15. What factors affect the amount of electric current produced by a photocell?
  16. What advantages do photocells offer for production of electricity?
  17. What disadvantages do photocells offer for production of electricity?
  18. Name three sources of energy used on Earth that do not originate from the energy of the Sun?
  19. Where does/did the energy for wind power, wave power, hydoelectric power, wood burning and fossil fuel power stations come from?
  20. Explain how the Sun provides the energy for each of the following clearly.
  21. Describe how the Sun's energy can be harnessed in different ways.
  22. How does passive solar heating work?
  23. What part does glass play in passive solar heating of buildings?
  24. What must be done to improve the efficiency of solar collection?