Revise GCSE Physics

Question:Explain how the Sun provides the energy for each of the following clearly.

Wind is large scale convection currents in the atmosphere, caused by the heat of the Sun.

The Sun heats only parts of the atmosphere at any one time causing some parts of the atmosphere to become warmer than others and convection occurs in the same way as in a home.

Waves are caused by the wind, so wave energy comes from the Sun also.

It is common to associate waves and tides.

There is actually no connection between tides and waves, they just happen to occur at the same time.

Tidal motion is caused by the Moon and would happen even if no wind existed to cause waves.

Hydroelectric power is produced by

The energy stored in fuels such as wood and fossil fuels came from the Sun.

The energy stored in wood is produced by photosynthesis.

Fossil fuels were formed from ancient trees and animals that ate ancient plans, so fossil fuels contain the energy from Sunlight from 300 million years.