Revise GCSE Physics

P1e Cooking and Communicating with Waves

    Cooking with waves

  1. How do ovens actually cook food?
  2. What types of radiation are used to cook foods?
  3. How do ordinary ovens cook food?
  4. How does infrared radiation cook food?
  5. How do microwave ovens heat food?
  6. How can microwaves heat food?
  7. How is cooking using microwaves different to cooking using infrared radiation?
  8. What is the actual difference between microwaves and infrared radiation (apart from their names)?
  9. How would you summarise the properties of infrared and microwaves that are important to cooking?
  10. How would you summarise the main difference between microwave and infrared cooking?

Communicating with waves

  1. What type of electromagnetic radiation do mobile phones use?
  2. What factors can limit the transmission of information over large distances using microwaves?
  3. Can the problem of signal loss with microwave communications, particularly for mobile phones, be reduced?
  4. Are mobile phones entirely safe?
  5. Why are scientists particularly concerned about children using mobile phones?
  6. What is a mobile phone mast?
  7. Why are people concerned about living near mobile phone masts?
  8. How can you minimise the risks of using a mobile phone?