Revise GCSE Physics

P1b Keeping Homes Warm

    Conduction and Convection

  1. In what ways can heat be transferred from a hot object to a cooler one?
  2. What is conduction?
  3. Which types of materials make the best thermal conductors?
  4. Why are metals better conductors of heat than non metals?
  5. What is Convection?
  6. What is a Fluid?
  7. What is Density?
  8. What happens to a fluid when it is heated?
  9. What happens to a fluid if it cools?
  10. What happens to an object that has less density than the liquid or the gas around it?
  11. What is Convection?
  12. What do the arrows on a convection diagram indicate?


  1. What is radiation?
  2. Where does infrared radiation come from?
  3. Can we see or feel infrared radiation?
  4. Can infrared radiation pass through materials?
  5. Does infrared radiation need to travel through a material?
  6. What types of surface are best at absorbing infrared radiation?
  7. What type of surface makes a good emitter of radiation?
  8. What types of surface are the best reflectors of infrared radiation?
  9. We cannot see infra red radiation so what can we tell about a surface by looking at it?
  10. Can you list the differences between conduction, convection and radiation?
  11. What is an insulator?
  12. What sort of examples of convection might come up in an exam?
  13. Refrigeration units are always placed at the tops of fridges. Do you know why?
  14. What causes Sea breezes?
  15. Why do kettles and hot water boilers always have their heating elements at the bottom?

Home Insulation

  1. What is a heat source?
  2. What is a heat sink?
  3. What is an insulator?
  4. Do insulators prevent or stop conduction?
  5. Do insulators keep the cold out?
  6. Is air a good insulator?
  7. Why is trapped air a better insulator than just air?
  8. How can air be trapped to make use of its good insulation properties when preventing convection?
  9. What are the most important methods of insulating a home against heat loss?
  10. What type of heat loss do each of these prevent?
  11. What is loft insulation?
  12. How does double glazing help insulate a house?
  13. What is a Cavity Wall?
  14. Why are cavity walls built?
  15. What is Cavity Wall Insulation?
  16. What is a Draught?
  17. What causes draughts?
  18. How are draughts prevented?
  19. What are draught excluders?
  20. How do curtains reduce heat loss from a house?
  21. How does putting shiny foil behind radiators reduce heat losses?
  22. How do radiators heat the room by radiation?
  23. Can you summarise the three mechanism of heat transfer clearly?

Efficiency and the Cost of Insulation

  1. What is a Sankey Diagram?
  2. What does Efficiency mean?
  3. How is efficiency calculated?
  4. Why do people install insulation in their homes?
  5. What is meant by the initial cost of an installation?
  6. What is meant by Pay-Back Time?
  7. How are everyday items designed to make use of conduction, convection and radiation?
  8. What is the most cost effective form of home insulation?
  9. What is usually the least cost effective form of home insulation?