Revise GCSE Physics

Question: How would you measure the energy required to change the temperature of an object by experiment?

There are many different ways, but learn this method in case you are asked in the exam.

1.Measure the mass of an object. Simplest case is to use a metal cylinder with two holes, one for a heater and one for a thermometer.

2.Insulate the object to prevent heat loss during the experiment and improve accuracy.

3.Connect a temperature probe to the object, preferably inside the object. (probe could be just a simple thermometer or something electronic)

4.Put in an electric heater.

5.Use an energy meter to measure how much electrical energy is converted to heat by the heater.

6.Read the change in temperature on the thermometer.

7.Divide the energy by (the change in temperature x the mass of the object) to get the energy needed per oC.

SHC = Energy / (mass x change in temperature)